Header Image - Naming Opportunities



$2 Million
Stadium (named)

Valhalla Field (named)  

Track (named)
Track Event Field (named)

Viking Locker Room (named)
Valhalla Arch (named)
Plaza South Cupola Building
Medal Stand
Press Box (named)

Concessions (named)
Visiting Team Locker Room
Home Coaching Staff Box
Finishing Curve
Track Common Finish Line 

Entrance Gate
Scorekeeper Box
Visiting Coaching Staff Box
1,500-Meter Starting Line
200/5,000-Meter Starting Line (named)
110-Meter Hurdle Starting Line
100-Meter Starting Line
Eight Track Lanes (2 named)
Men's Lacrosse Goals (2)
Women's Lacrosse Goals (2)

Flagpole (named) 
Ticket Booth (named)
First Aid/Help Desk Booth (named)
Home Radio Box
Visitor Radio Box
Officials Changing Room

Richards Gymnasium

Strength and Conditioning Center

Practice Field

Viking Lacrosse Locker Room (2)  
Dance Lab
Lobby (named)

Athletic Training Room
Head Football Coach Office
Head Lacrosse Coach Office (2)  
Head Tennis Coach Office
Conference Room
BOLD Office
Strength and Training Office

Lacrosse Assistants Office (2)
Offensive Coordinator Office
Defensive Coordinator Office
Football Assistants Office
Tennis Assistants Office
Dance Office (named)
BOLD Office #2
Reception Room (named)
Student Work Area (named)

Gifts of $5,000 or more will be recognized on a donor wall at Valhalla.

For more information on naming opportunities contact David Clark at dclark@berry.edu or 706-236-1708.