The activities of the Student Government Association are funded through the Student Activity Fund and through its own  projects and services that raise funds.

SGA has two different accounts with the college - one for fundraising/charity and one for general business.

The Budget & Finance Committee & SGA Executive President assists the Treasurer in drafting the budget to propose the SGA Body each semester

If you are interested in a more in-depth look at the finances of SGA, our records are open to your inspection as long as an appointment is made with the Treasurer in advance. To do so, or for more information, please contact the SGA office.  

Financial Assistance

Part of the mission of the Student Government Association is to assist students and student organizations in any way that we can. Besides giving advice and a forum for discussion, SGA is able to provide two types of limited financial assistance.

The first means of granting funds to students is the Student Activity Fund (SAF). These funds are reserved solely for officially recognized campus student clubs and organizations that have active membership in SGA. Requests for SAF funds often are made so that organization members may attend national conferences, competitions, and conventions, campus projects, equipment, etc.

  • Student Organization SAF Request forms are outside the SGA Office on 3rd Krannert.
  • BFC General Guidelines and Allocation Guidelines are also outside the SGA Office.

The proceeds from SGA's various  services and projects are used to fund a second means of assisting students. The Project Fund is a collective term used for these funds, which are available to any currently enrolled Berry student or departmental group that has not been officially recognized as a campus organization. These funds may be requested so that students may attend conferences, competitions, and conventions related to their academic work or other interests, such as leadership development or social issue concerns. Information and an application packet may be found on the Project Fund page.

For more information on requesting funds from SGA, please refer to the SAF and Project Fund packets at the links above, or contact the SGA office.