SGA Executive President Letter to the Students

I would like to personally welcome you to another great year at Berry College!

I am thrilled to act as this year's Executive SGA President and look forward to a very productive year serving and representing the Berry College student body.

The Student Government Association at this institution has been created to serve, lead, and empower the student body by representing their views, being active in the community, and improving the student experience. We do this by doing our best to represent the students and create a clear meaningful relationship between the administration and the students. My goal is to act objectively and accurately as I speak for our student body in different arenas.

We serve students by hosting Food for Finals, a program where the administration, faculty, and staff serve students an evening breakfast as a break from the tenacious studying that finals season brings. We also serve students by providing Bellhops, current students that help meet and assist incoming freshmen as they are moving in. We also host a baked goods sale throughout the academic year. This allows parents to send their students a delicious baked good for their birthday, as a care package during midterms, or just as a way of reminding them that they are missed.

SGA empowers the student body by creating a forum for student input in administrative affairs. We help students find areas that they are interested in serving and nominate them to committees, such as the General Education Reform Committee, the Religion-in-Life Committee, or the Judicial Board. During our meetings, committee members will report and present their work to the student body, allowing the body to vote on and ratify the committee's action. In addition to the committees, we have various members of our staff and administration come speak at our meetings to better inform the student body about their jobs and actions.

We rely on and need student involvement to help us function. Without the students attending our meetings, we are not able to function. We hope that you will attend our meetings in the Krannert Ballroom at 7:00 every Tuesday evening. When Martha Berry created our college, she believed firmly in "educating the head, heart, and hands" of Berry students. Whether you are looking for an area to voice your opinion about a major decision, looking for an avenue to help serve and better the student body, or just have an open Tuesday evening, we would love to see you at our meetings.

Brin Enterkin
SGA President, 2011-2012