Leadership Fellows Program

General Overview

From its inception, Berry students have always been leaders. When Berry was founded, students took an active role in the tasks that enabled the community to live and learn, participating in everything from growing crops to making uniforms and serving food. Over time, Berry students became leaders in activities and programs that serve the campus community as well as the Rome community. Learning to lead and serve is integral to a Berry education as students live and learn civic engagement from the inside out.  

It is in this spirit that the Leadership Fellows Scholarship Program was created in 2008 to recognize students for extraordinary leadership and service experiences in their high school years, as well as identify students who can make a difference in providing leadership and teaching leadership within the campus community. Our ultimate goal is to create a student leadership education team who will deliver programs designed to cultivate leadership in all students. 

Scholarship Amount

At least fifteen incoming freshman students are selected annually to receive a scholarship and to serve as Leadership Fellows. The scholarship amount is $3,000 for the freshman year and increases by $1,000 per year, not to exceed $6,000 for the senior year.  Transfer students are not eligible for the scholarship.   

Program Requirements

This is a four year program and continuance is based on the college criteria to maintain a merit scholarship and satisfactory progress in completing the co-curricular requirements.           

  • 2.0 Berry GPA at end of first year, 2.5 Berry GPA at end of sophomore year and beyond
  • Completion of program components
  • Demonstrated involvement in campus life, including living on campus, pursuit of leadership opportunities, and participation in campus activities and service initiatives
  • Participation in on-campus work with satisfactory work performance evaluations
  • Good character and citizenship; disciplinary records will be reviewed

Program Components

The Leadership Fellows program consists of annual activities for the entire group, including a group retreat, service projects, peer-to-peer mentoring, annual personal skills assessment, and regular leadership development seminars. Other program components are designed around each class. 

During the first and second year, the curriculum will focus on an introduction to leadership theories, affecting change on campus, servant leadership and the Student Leadership Challenge Model by Kouzes and Posner.  In their junior and senior years, the students will shift their focus to ethical and moral leadership, leading and managing change, and succession planning/cultivating new leaders. 

Specific class activities include: 

  • First year students will participate in an orientation program a few days prior to Viking Venture to introduce to program components as well as each other. Additionally, they will participate in the annual Emerging Leaders program and work in the Student Activities Office or another area of Student Affairs to help introduce them to campus life.  Examples of work areas:  Student Activities, Intramurals & Outdoor Recreation, “Green Team” (recycling program), Dean Of Students, Multicultural Programs, Athletic Administration, Athletic Promotions, Residence Life, Campus Publications, Berry Enterprises, Community Service.
  • Second year students will serve as facilitators for the Emerging Leaders program, as well as mentors or "buddies" to the freshmen Leadership Fellows.  The sophomores are also expected to serve on a campus committee and/or pursue involvement in student organizations. They will be encouraged to pursue a campus work position with additional responsibilities in supervision and/or project management.
  • Third year students will assist in teaching leadership seminars to the younger Leadership Fellows, and they will conduct a needs assessment to determine where additional leadership development programs may be implemented.  Juniors will spend their second semester developing a new leadership initiative for the following year. 
  • Fourth year students will plan and execute a new leadership program for campus, as well as assist in teaching leadership seminars to the younger Leadership Fellows. The seniors will also attend seminars designed to assist them in their transition to leadership after college.  At the end of their senior year, the graduating Leadership Fellows will put together a capstone presentation that details their leadership journey and the impact they made to the Berry community.
  • Third and fourth year Leadership Fellows are expected to work and/or serve in a major campus leadership role.

The Leadership Fellows Program is coordinated by the Director of Student Activities, though many other departments are involved in the education, program facilitation, and work assignments of the Leadership Fellows. 


High School seniors may apply for a Leadership Fellows Scholarship if they have been accepted into Berry, have a minimum 3.0 Berry-calculated GPA and have had leadership experiences during their high school career. Eligible students should receive a letter from the Admissions Office notifying them that they may apply. The link to the application can be found on this page once it is made live in mid-December.  

Priority Application Deadline 

Applications for 2015 will be available in early December (please see top right corner of this page for the link when it becomes live).  Students will be contacted by the Berry College Admissions Office if they are eligible to apply. 

The priority deadline for submitting the Leadership Fellows online application is 5pm EST on Monday, January 26, 2015. Applications submitted after this date may still be considered if the applicant has outstanding leadership experiences and if there are any openings for the competition day. 

Application Process

Applications are reviewed in late January and approximately 75 students will be invited to continue in the selection process. Applicants will be notified by Monday, February 2, 2015 as to whether or not they are invited to compete in the MANDATORY on-campus interview and group project, which is scheduled for Saturday, February 21, 2015 from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.    

During the competition, the students will have an opportunity to learn more about leadership at Berry, participate in an individual interview with a faculty member and a current student leader, and work with other applicants on a group project and presentation.

Following the competition, fifteen students will be selected annually to receive a scholarship and to serve as Leadership Fellows. Notification will be made by mid-March.   

Application Communication 

Please note that communication regarding the competition and selection process will be made via the email address submitted in the application. If an email address is not given, communication will be through phone. 


For further information or questions, please contact Cecily Crow, Director of Student Activities, via email at  ccrow@berry.edu or phone at (706) 236-2293.