Frequently Asked Questions

Planning a Visit

How do I arrange a campus visit?
You can plan your campus visit by completing the Online Visit Request form, found on the "Schedule a Weekday Visit" page. You can also schedule a visit by calling our office at 1-800-BERRYGA and asking to arrange a campus visit.

If you submit an Online Visit Request we will receive an e-mail of your request and contact you to make the arrangements; please provide a valid e-mail address and phone number so we can contact you. (Note: Your visit is not official until you receive a confirmation call or e-mail from our office.)  

We do our best to accommodate you for your preferred date/time, but cannot guarantee (especially on short notice). Please have a back up date/time. We look forward to making arrangements for you and to having you on campus!

Preparing for your visit

How do I get into campus? Do I need to put my name on a list at the front gate?
Campus visitors have their Drivers License scanned at the front gate, but you do not need to have your name on a list. 

Where do I park when I arrive to campus?
There is designated visitor's parking just outside of the Office of Admissions at the Ford Complex. 

How long does the campus visit last? 
Our campus visit lasts between two and two and a half hours- after October 3rd, visits will last between three and three and a half hours. 

What happens during a campus visit?
Our campus visit includes an information session with an admissions representative and a tour of our main campus, typically with a current student.

What is covered during the information session?
Our information session introduces you to Berry’s educational philosophy, our academic offerings and student life. Our admissions representative will offer information on admissions requirements and procedures, tuition and fees, scholarship opportunities, an overview of the financial aid application process and answer your questions. The session typically lasts 30 minutes to an hour. You will receive information to take home.

What will I see on the campus tour?
Berry College is the largest physical campus in the world, with 26,000 contiguous acres! We would love to show you all the fascinating areas of our beautiful campus, but that would take hours, maybe days.

Instead our campus tour is tailored to give you information on current academic and student life. Our tour guide will introduce you to some of Berry’s history and show you around our main campus.

If you would like to see other areas of our campus, we will be happy to offer you a campus map and directions. Please let your admissions representative or tour guide know during the visit. Visiting select sites on our campus may require advanced arrangements. 

What should I wear on the campus tour?
Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the weather.

What should I bring for my campus visit?
You should bring some paper for note taking, a camera for photos, and a good list of questions. We do not require students to dress formally for campus visits or to bring portfolios of their work. 

What else can I do during a campus visit?
High school seniors and juniors or transfers are invited to attend a class (Monday-Friday). Seniors and transfer students are invited to stay overnight in our dorms (Monday-Thursday evenings) when classes are in session.

Note: Class visitation and overnight stays may not be possible on select holidays, breaks and at the end of each semester. We do not arrange class visits or overnight stays during our summer break. 

If you would like to arrange a class visit or an overnight stay, please let us know when planning your campus visit.

Note: Class visitation and overnight stays may not be available at all times during the semesters. A two to three week notice is encouraged so we can do our best to accommodate you on your visit.   

What if I have a special request?
When planning your campus visit, please let us know of any special requests you may have so we can either make arrangements or direct you to the appropriate individuals.

Special Circumstances  
Please notify us if you or another guest with you has a disability or other special circumstance that will require our assistance during the visit. We prefer advanced notice so we can prepare for your visit!

Meeting a professor  
We welcome high school seniors or transfers to meet with a professor in the major field they’re considering. Please let us know if you’re interested in this option so we can make arrangements with the professor for the day you’re visiting.

If you are not a high school senior or transfer (or if you just prefer to call or e-mail a professor) our representative in the Admissions Office will be happy to provide you with contact information during your campus visit.

Meeting a coach  
If you would like to meet the coach for one of our intercollegiate sport teams you will need to make arrangements on your own. Our coaches do their own recruitment and prefer to hear from you or your current coach directly. The Admissions Office will be happy to provide you with contact information, so let us know if you’re interested. We encourage you to visit the athletics pages of our website for additional information on our coaches and teams.

It may be possible for you to meet with the coach and/or team during your campus visit, but please be aware that our teams do travel a great deal and may not always be available to meet with you, especially on short notice. We encourage you to plan in advance. (Note: When talking with our coaches please be prepared to give information on your statistics, averages or other athletic achievements, especially information on any club-level or year-round experience you’ve had.)  

Meeting with a Financial Aid representative
The information session during the Admissions visit offers an overview of financial aid, but specific or personal questions should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid. Financial Aid representatives are willing to meet with students and their families to discuss their options for making Berry affordable. You can contact the Office of Financial Aid with questions and/or to arrange an appointment for an admitted student by calling 1-800-MTBERRY. (Note: Our Financial Aid representatives prefer to meet with admitted students and their families after they have completed the financial aid packet that goes out in January.) 

when in Rome

I want to eat lunch, but not in the dining hall. Do you have any recommendations?
There are many great restaurants and shops in Rome, and we have compiled a list of recommended spots here.

My visit is early in the morning, and I am planning to stay in Rome over night. Where in Rome should I stay?
We recommend the Cottages at Berry for reservations. If the Cottages are full, any number of hotels in the Rome community would be happy to accommodate you.