Alumni Council

Alumni Council Group 2016

Meetings for 2016-2017:

8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Saturday, August 27, 2016
8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Saturday, November 12, 2016
8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Saturday, March 25, 2017 

Executive Committee

Ms. Frances Richey (83A, 87C), President
Mr. Timothy J. Goodwin (03C), Immediate Past President
Mr. Jonathan Purser (85C), VP, Financial Support
Mrs. Patricia Tutterow Jackson (82C), VP, Alumni Awards
Mrs. Julie Patrick Nunnelly (88C, 00G), VP, Alumni Events
The Rev. Valerie J. Loner (91C), VP, Berry Heritage
Mrs. Samantha Knight Tuttle  (11C), VP, Young Alumni and Student Relations

Appointed Officers  

Mr. Bob Aiken (82A), Parliamentarian
Mrs. Clara Hall McRae (60C), Chaplain
Ms. Mandy Tidwell (93C), Secretary
Dr. Jennifer Word Dickey (77A, 80C), Historian

Ex Officio Member  

Mrs. Jennifer T. Beard (93C, 00G), Director, Alumni Relations

Elected Alumni Council Members     

Ms. Jamie Allison (99C), Elected Member

Mr. Larry Arrington (93C), Elected Member

Dr. Leigh Saunders Barrell (88C), Elected Member

Mr. David Bayne (06C), Elected Member

Mr. Tom Butler (65A), Elected Member

Mr. Brian Carmony (93C), Elected Member

Mr. Steve Davis (71C), Elected Member

Mrs. Brandi C. Diamond (93C), Elected Member

Mr. David C. Elswick (90C), Elected Member

Mr. John O. Frazier (72C), Elected Member

Mr. Stewart Fuqua (80A), Elected Member

Ms. Haley Hasting (16C), Elected Member

Mrs. Jenifer Faison Herron (92C), Elected Member

Mrs. Ashleigh Painter McElreath (10C), Elected Member

Mr. Jason E. McMillan (98C), Elected Member

Mr. Patrick Ouzts (03C), Elected Member

Mr. Derrick Perkins (06C), Elected Member

Ms. Deborah Rogers (73C), Elected Member

Ms. Hannah Sosebee (10C), Elected Member

Mr. R. Trevor Scoggins (94C), Elected Member

Mrs. Margaret K. Sonnier (79C), Elected Member

Mr. Rhett Smith (07C), Elected Member

Mr. Jason Sweatt (88C), Elected Member

Mrs. Melissa Rorer Turco (07C), Elected Member

Mr. Stephen L. Williams (86C, 90G), Elected Member

Mr. Darryl Worth (66C), Elected Member

Dr. K. Leann Yoda (91C), Elected Member

Chapter Presidents / Affiliate Presidents / Other

Mrs. Juanita Scurry (97C), Chapter President - African American

Mr. Joe Ragsdale (65C), Alumni Work Week Project Coordinator

Ms. Suzanne R. Killcreas (78C), Chapter President - Carpet Capital - Dalton, GA

Mrs. Buffy Meeks Jobe (95C), Chapter President - SE Georgia

Mrs. Megan Gafnea Roby (10C), Chapter President - Agriculture

Mrs. Lori Frederick  (93C, 11G), Affiliate President - Daughters of Berry/Past President

Mrs. Joanna P. Richardson (96C), Chapter President - East Tennessee

Mr. Donald L. Stinson (54C), and Grace Mitchell Stinson (54C), Chapter Co-Presidents - Emerald Coast

Ms. Laura Lieberman (09C), Chapter President - DC Alumni Chapter

Past Presidents Serving   

Tom Bowen (55H)
Martha Bowen (55H, 59C)
Tim Howard (82C)
Ed England (57C)
Harry Wise (57H)
Bill Roseen (78C)

Lifetime Alumni Council Members    

Dr. Ouida W. Dickey (50C)
Mr. Bob Williams (62H)

Ex Officio Alumni Council Members    

Tedric Palmer (17c), SGA President
Whitney Kirkpatrick (17c), Senior Class President
Adrian Lopez (18c), Junior Class President
Dominic Miller (19c), Sophomore Class President