Alumni Association Executive Committee

President and Vice Presidents are elected volunteers who serve as leaders, representatives, advisors and ambassadors.

Ms. Frances Richey (83A, 87C), President
Mr. Timothy J. Goodwin (03C), Immediate Past President
Mr. Jonathan Purser (85C), VP, Financial Support
Mrs. Patricia Tutterow Jackson (82C) VP, Alumni Awards
Mrs. Julie Patrick Nunnelly (88C, 00G), VP, Alumni Events
The Rev. Valerie J. Loner (91C), VP, Berry Heritage
Mrs. Samantha Knight Tuttle  (11C), VP, Young Alumni and Student Relations
Appointed Members    
Robert Aiken (82A), Parliamentarian
Mrs. Clara Hall McRae (60C), Chaplain
Ms. Mandy Tidwell (93C), Secretary
Dr. Jennifer Word Dickey (77A, 80C), Historian

Ex officio Member
Mrs. Jennifer T. Beard (93C, 00G)