Student Training

Student Training 

Training for the premier student work program is designed to fill the gap between what students learn in the academic classroom and the skills they need in the work place. As students work to build a resume through experiential learning in their student work positions they also have the opportunity to build workplace skills. Learning Outcomes Poster

A training path allows students to develop skills based on work level. There are recommended training opportunities as they grow and develop in their positions and move up the level system from Level 1 trainee to Level 5 supervisors. Training is workshop based and online. 

Training topics include:


  • Customer Experience Management
    • Learning to manage the customer experience at every level to provide not just great service but an extraordinary experience.
  • Netiquette
    • Managing your digital ID is critical to success in today’s work world. Students learn to craft a professional email and manage their internet presence through social media.
  • Supervising your Peers
    • At levels 4 and 5, students are expected to work with and manage teams. Learning key skills to do so is the key to success. Skills include teamwork, dealing with conflict and difficult situations, and effective communication.
  • Teams Training
    • Working with a team is a critical skill for today’s work world. Students learn the essential traits of a high performing sell managed team, based on the model by Mark Miller in his book, The Secret of Teams.

Online Training:

  • Excel
  • Project Management
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Campus to Corporate