The Dual-Degree Engineering Program at Berry College

Brief Description of the Program

Berry College maintains a dual-degree program with the College of Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In this program the student scheduled to attend Berry for approximately three years (six semesters). Then the student will transfer to Georgia Tech and take courses there for approximately two years (four, possibly five additional terms). At the end of that period, the student will have earned two baccalaureate degrees, one from Berry and one from Georgia Tech. 

Under this program, students have the option of choosing a major or not choosing a major at Berry. Students choosing a major are encouraged to consider the Concentration II physics major that is well suited for dual-degree students and provides a strong background for a broad range of engineering specialties. Other majors are also possible. Certain ones may be particularly appropriate to a specific engineering specialty (e.g., chemical or computer engineering); however, these other majors may require an extra semester at Berry. If the student does not choose a major, the Berry degree will be in dual-degree engineering. The student is not limited in a choice of engineering specialty, although some specialties require certain courses at Berry (see below), and some may require an extra semester at the engineering institution. 

For more information, please contact the dual-degree coordinator: 

Dr. Todd Timberlake 
Dual-degree Coordinator 
Campus Box 5004 
Mount Berry, GA 20149-5004 
Room 338A, McAllister Hall 

Please see Ga Tech's transfer admissions requirements, and download the General Georgia Tech Dual Degree & RETP Admissions Requirements and Procedures document.  You should also become familiar with Georgia Tech's transfer application procedures. Note that transfer applications for the Fall semester are available January 15 to March 1. Transfer applications for the Spring are available August 1 to October 1. The requirements listed below detail all of the Berry College requirements as well as the Georgia Tech requirements for MOST (but not all) engineering fields. 

Berry College Requirements

  1. COURSES: The student must complete 93 semester hours of courses at Berry. Among these courses, Berry requires the following:
    1. Communication:
      • COM 203 Introduction to Speech
      • RHW 101 First-Year Seminar in Rhetoric and Writing
      • RHW 102 First-Year Seminar in Critical Inquiry and Writing  
    2. Health and Physical Education:
      • KIN Activity
      • KIN Activity
      • KIN 220 or
      • KIN 221 or
      • KIN 222  
    3. Behavioral and Social Sciences:
      • ECO 110
      • Select courses from two of the following behavioral science areas:
        • Government: GOV 207, 211, or 217 (Note that GOV 211 must be taken if you do not take HIS 120)
        • Psychology: PSY 101
        • Sociology or Anthropology: SOC 200 or ANT 200
    4. Humanities and Fine Arts:
      • Select one course from each of the four following areas:
        • Fine Arts: ART 201, ART 202, MUS 215, or THE 201
        • History: HIS 120, 205, 206 (Note that HIS 120 must be taken if you do not take GOV 211)
        • Literature: Any 200-level literature course
        • Religion or Philosophy: Any 100-level course
      • HUM 200 or an additional course noted above as fine arts, history, literature, religion or philosophy.
    5. Mathematics & Natural Sciences:
      • MAT 201
      • CHM 108
      • PHY 211
    6. Electives: Two courses for a total of no less than 6 semester hours, selected outside the student's major discipline (if a major is chosen) and outside the student's minor discipline (if a minor is chosen).  
    7. Berry College Courses:
      • BCC 099 or  
      • BCC 100  
    1. Writing-intensive Courses: Students must complete two "writing-intensive" courses totaling a minimum of six semester hours at the 300 level or above. If the student has not declared a major, these courses may be in any discipline. However, dual-degree engineering students are required to take PHY 307I (see below).  
    2. Cultural Events: The student must attend three approved cultural events for each semester of full-time enrollment at Berry.
  3. DEPARTMENT REQUIREMENT: The Department of Physics, Astronomy, and Geology requires that PHY 307I be taken by all dual-degree engineering students, in partial fulfillment of Berry's writing-intensive requirement.

Georgia Tech Requirements

For a complete listing of Ga Tech requirements for each field of engineering please see the General Georgia Tech Dual Degree & RETP Admissions Requirements and Procedures document. For admission to Georgia Tech under the 3-2 program you must complete the 93 semester hours at Berry with a minimum GPA (both cumulative and in math/science classes) of 3.0 for U.S. citizens (international students should contact Georgia Tech's admissions office for GPA requirements). GPA is calculated using all college coursework, regardless of where it is taken, provided that the courses will transfer to Georgia Tech. You can find out about course transfer equivalencies by using the  Georgia Tech Transfer Articulation database. Note that math courses below the level of calculus will not transfer (MAT 111 will transfer as a Management, not a Math, course). Also, grades lower than C- will not transfer to Georgia Tech. In addition to the courses listed above, the student must also take: 

  1. Mathematics:
    • MAT 201
    • MAT 202
    • MAT 203
    • MAT 303
    • MAT 304
  2. Computer Science:
    • CSC 120
  3. Natural Sciences:
    • CHM 108
    • CHM 109
    • PHY 211
    • PHY 212
    • BIO 111 (chemical engineering only)