The psychology major features a versatile liberal arts curriculum that prepares students for employment, community service and graduate study by fostering intellectual and personal growth. The psychology major leads to a Bachelor of Science degree or,if you complete three semesters of a foreign language, a Bachelor of Arts degree.

A threefold program

Because psychology is an academic discipline, a science and an applied profession, we offer a threefold program that includes the following components.

Intensive classroom activities and challenges:
You will learn the foundations of psychology by conducting psychological studies in the Research Methods and Statistics class; and you will apply psychological theory to understand how people think, feel and behave when you take Sensory and Perceptual Processes, Cognitive Psychology, and Social Psychology. In Lifespan Developmental Psychology, you will investigate developmental milestones; in Abnormal Psychology, you will use case studies to diagnose mental illness.

Research opportunities:
Psychology students have opportunities to apply theory in research and to engage in independent studies with faculty members in both laboratory and field settings. By participating in research you can develop skills in such areas as administering surveys, conducting experiments, analyzing data and presenting results via presentation or publication.

Eligible sophomore students can apply for funding from the Ralph George Scholarship, which supports research with a faculty member in the junior and senior years.

Academic internships:
Internships offer practical, firsthand experience in applying psychology, as well as the development of professional and personal skills. Berry psychology majors have held internships with the Division of Family and Child Services, Open Door Home, Harbor House, Victim Witness Protection Program, Sexual Assault Center of Northwest Georgia and Hospitality House, as well as with school systems, police departments, juvenile court, community mental health centers, rehabilitation services and human resources departments in business and industry.

Outside the classroom

The Berry College Psychological Society promotes psychology and provides a forum for debate of psychological research and applications. It meets regularly and sponsors guest speakers, community service activities and social events.

Berry College also supports a chapter of the national honor society in psychology, Psi Chi, which holds an annual induction ceremony and sponsors academic presentations. Student involvement in Psi Chi enhances knowledge of the discipline and provides scholarship and networking opportunities.

The psychology lab is outfitted with computers for student use. The lab coordinates research studies and provides GRE practice tests and course tutorials. It also maintains a library of graduate school, internship and employment information. Student lab assistants, employed through Berry’s student Work Experience Program, assist fellow students with the computers and publish the Inkblot, a newsletter for psychology students. Additional student work positions are available in the psychology department office suite and with individual faculty members.

Career opportunities

Students earning a degree in psychology typically pursue one of three career paths. Those desiring a future in research or professional psychology often pursue graduate education in a master’s or doctoral program that may focus on:

  • Experimental psychology
  • Clinical or counseling psychology
  • Educational or school psychology

The psychology degree also serves as a segue to such related disciplines/programs as:

  • Law school
  • Master of Business Administration programs
  • Social work
  • Theological seminary
  • Education

Finally, upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree, Berry psychology majors have distinguished themselves in a variety of careers including:

  • Teacher
  • Human resource specialist
  • Recreation therapist
  • Outdoor therapeutic program counselor
  • Drug/alcohol counselor
  • Social services caseworker

Answers to your questions

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the psychology department at Berry College, please call 706-290-2660 or visit our Web page.