Application for Graduation

Early in a student's senior year (or at the completion of 90 hours, at least one semester prior to graduation), the student will need to complete an Intent to Graduate Form, which will be mailed to the student. The Registration Staff will complete the Application for Graduation and send it to the student. The student should go to  VikingWeb and print a copy of your Advising Worksheet to verify that the degree program, major and minor are all correct. The student should also check general education requirements, cultural events, and all other degree requirements.

The Application for Graduation will indicate the requirements that the student has met and the ones that remain to be completed. Upon receiving the Application for Graduation, the student must meet with his or her advisor and obtain the advisor's signature. Students with more than one advisor must have all advisors sign the form. Once the signatures are obtained, the student must return the Application for Graduation to the Registrar's Office where it will be reviewed and signed by the registrar. Once the registrar has signed the form, an electronic copy will be sent to the student and the advisor. The student will be charged the $40 undergraduate graduation fee during the term in which he or she plans to graduate or the last term that the student is in residence. Graduate students complete the Application for Graduation with their graduate program offices and must pay the graduation fee at the time the application is completed.