Customer Experience Management Training Initiative

Providing quality customer service is one of six learning outcomes for the Student Work and Experiential Learning Program. In the Customer Experience Management training initiative, students will have opportunities to train just as they would if employed in the corporate world, hence preparing them for the work world after graduation. 

CEM training was piloted in October 2011. Students participating in the training learn about providing good service as part of managing the total “customer” experience at Berry. Students received certificates of completion after training for their resumes. Currently, CEM  training is offered to every department on campus. The goal is train all student workers on the basics of creating a positive experience for every campus visitor.  

Three new workshops were added to the training line up in 2012/13. “Dealing with Difficult Customers/People”, as an addition to CEM, is designed to teach students basic strategies on how to handle difficult issues and people they encounter in the workplace. “Supervising Your Peers,” targets levels 3, 4 and 5 students who are asked to supervise other students. The workshop focuses on setting expectations, communication, facilitating meetings, motivation, team building, and delegation. “Netiquette” targets students at all work levels. Short for network etiquette or internet etiquette the workshop focuses on professional use of e communication tools and social media etiquette.  

Academic year 2013/14, student work training will add an online component.  Using Skillport, an online resource, students can add to their skill set in desktop computing with training in Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Business professional training in Project Management, Email Essentials and From Campus to Career is also recommended. In addition a training track is being developed for each work level from 1 to 5.  

A schedule for spring training workshops will be announced in January 2014. 

For more information, contact Robin Holt at (706) 378-2854.