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The Cabin Log is Berry’s award-winning student yearbook. The Cabin Log provides an excellent outlet for developing writing, editing, design and photography skills that will ultimately aid students both in the classroom and the “real world.”

We’re Hiring  

Cabin Log offers a variety of great opportunities: 
• 20 paid positions (available through an application process)
• Relevant experience for any major and your resume
• Develop materials for your portfolio
• Work and gain experience with InDesign, Photoshop, DSLR cameras and more

Seeing the results 

The Cabin Log is a 240-page yearbook, with approximately 24 pages of full color and another 24 using spot color. Taking part in producing this key piece of memorabilia for their classmates is a point of great pride for those who work with the Cabin Log. The Cabin Log has received several awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and Associated Collegiate Press Association in recent years.

Working with the Cabin Log 

The Cabin Log has about 14 student staff working in paid positions, and another 10 to 15 serve as unpaid writers, photographers, page designers, graphic artists and advertising salespeople, though there is always room for more willing to help. Working with the publication offers many benefits in addition to the opportunity to work your way up to a paid position. Some students earn communication department scholarships, in part given in exchange for work with the Cabin Log. Students also have the opportunity to gain credit hours toward their degree through participation on the yearbook staff. Prior experience, while helpful, is not necessary. Starting out in an entry-level position in order to learn and progress to a paid editorial position is a natural process for many students who work with a student publication.

Weekly Meetings 

A normal Cabin Log meeting usually consists of visiting with staff members, talking through potential story ideas as well as covering what’s new that week for the yearbook. Meetings are held every Tuesday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. in Laughlin 113. Editors meet and then get together with the general staff to give out story and photo assignments for the week.

Work Nights 

Don’t like to work by yourself? Need some help or motivation? Staff members get together for “work nights” when deadlines are just around the corner. Everybody comes to work on assigned spreads and make sure everything is falling into place. Music and food add to the fun as we work into the night.

Equipment Used

Having and using the technology that is common in the publications industry is important in building the skills that are valued by a wide variety of employers. Cabin Log strives to maintain all the latest technologies in hardware, software, and camera equipment, in an effort to put you a step ahead of people seeking jobs in communication and other fields. In a job market that is competitive, Cabin Log will not only give you access to top-notch technology, but will also prepare you to use it effectively and with purpose.