After Graduation

What do our majors do after graduation?

A physics major can lead to a wide variety of career paths.  Many of our majors go on to graduate study in physics, astronomy, mathematics, engineering, or other technical fields.  Others become high school science or math teachers (demand for qualified physics teachers is incredibly high right now).  Many of our majors go directly into the corporate workforce, often with technology or financial companies.  A few of our majors have gone on to medical, veterinary, or culinary school.  One of our physics majors has even gone on to become an award-winning Spanish-language journalist!  Physics majors are valued for their knowledge of math and science, their analytical and problem-solving skills, and their ability to tackle difficult intellectual problems.  Berry physics majors combine those skills with hands-on work experience and a liberal arts background that encourages effective writing and speaking and an understanding of human culture.  The future is wide open when you are armed with a Berry physics degree!

What do our dual-degree engineering students do after graduation?

After earning their engineering degree from Georgia Tech or KSU (as well as their degree from Berry), our DDE students usually begin work as engineers.  Some may pursue advanced degrees in engineering, but most go directly into the workforce.  Berry DDE students work in a variety of different engineering fields for a broad array of companies, but all of them can trace their success as engineers back to the preparation they received as DDE students at Berry College.

Our amazing alumni

Listed below are several of our amazing physics and DDE alumni.  Berry physics majors and DDE students go on to do great things, but the variety of things they do is so great that it can't be easily described in a few sentences.  Instead, we have chosen to highlight a few of our students and what they have done after earning their Berry degree.  By no means is this a complete list: we have so many great alumni we couldn't possibly tell you about all of them here.  This list is intended to highlight the variety of post-graduation paths that our students have followed in order to give you an idea of what can be accomplished when you are a Berry physics major or DDE student.

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Physics Majors

petruzielo Frank Petruzielo earned a BS from Berry with a double major in physics and mathematics in 2006.  During his time at Berry Frank conducted research with Dr. Todd Timberlake, eventually co-authoring a paper that was published in Physical Review E, a leading US physics journal.  In 2005 Frank was honored with the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship and in 2006 he was awarded the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship.  After graduating from Berry Frank entered the PhD physics program at Cornell University and completed his degree in 2012.  He now works as a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group in Atlanta, GA.  

donahue Carly Donahue earned a BS in physics from Berry in 2006.  During her time at Berry Carly worked for two summers as a NASA intern at Kennedy Space Center where she conducted research on granular materials, simulating a rocket landing on a dusty planetary surface.  Carly co-authored two papers on this work and presented her research in Japan!  After graduating from Berry, Carly went on to earn a PhD in physics from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2011.  She spent three and a half years as a postdoctoral research at the California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech).  Now she is a Senior Scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland.

steele Tricia Steele earned a BS in physics (and a minor in philosophy) from Berry in 2009.  Tricia was a non-traditional student who spent several years in the workforce before attending Berry.  She worked full-time to put herself through college, but when the economic downturn forced her company to cut jobs she found herself unemployed.  So in the summer of 2008, a year before she graduated, she founded her own company: the Steele Agency, which is now SAI Digital.  SAI Digital is a boutique technology firm providing web application development services.  In 2013 Tricia co-founded the Makervillage in Rome, GA which has now evolved to become the Seven Hills Makerspace.  In 2015 Tricia won the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award from the Berry Alumni Association.

vargas Aitana Vargas earned a BS in physics from Berry in 2003.  During her final year at Berry she had an opportunity to anchor a local television show for the Hispanic community in Rome, GA.  This experience was so positive that, after graduating from Berry, Aitana decided to pursue a career in journalism.  She has worked as a journalist ever since, furthering her journalism career by earning an MA in broadcast journalism from Staffordshire University (UK) in 2005 and an MA in political journalism from Columbia University in 2010.  She currently works as a award-winning freelance journalist in the Los Angeles area.  An outstanding college tennis player, Aitana also works as a TV tennis commentator and sports reporter.

nelsonMolly Nelson earned a BS in physics and a BA in English from Berry in 2008 while also completing all course for the dual-degree engineering program.  While at Berry Molly did research with Dr. Timberlake and co-authored an article that was published in Physical Review E.  Molly then went on to earn her BS in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2010.  After completing her degrees, Molly worked for a while at the Georgia Tech Research Institute before accepting a position as a civil engineer with the National Park Service.  She currently works at Yellowstone National Park, helping to convert the park to green energy sources.

harveyJustin Harvey earned a BS in physics from Berry in 2003.  After graduation, Justin began teaching at a private school in Cartersville, GA.  After teaching for many years, Justin returned to Berry to earn his MEd degree in December 2012.  Justin is currently a science teacher at Dacula High School in Gwinnett County, GA.  He was recently selected as a Master Teaching Fellow in the I-IMPACT program at Kennesaw State University which is funded by the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program.

camp Seth Camp earned a BS in physics from Berry in 2011.  At Berry, Seth worked with Dr. Timberlake on a project in computational quantum mechanics, presented his work at a meeting of the Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society, and co-authored a paper published in the American Journal of Physics.  After graduation Seth entered the PhD physics program at Louisiana State University, where he is supported by a generous fellowship.  Seth continues to do research in the area of computational quantum mechanics and he expects to complete his PhD soon.

ostranderAaron Ostrander earned a BS in physics from Berry in 2013.  While at Berry, Aaron was actively involved in a variety of research projects.  He participated in summer research internships at the University of Texas at Tyler (math) and Indiana University (physics), while also conducting physics research with Dr. Daniel Robb and math research with Dr. Jill Cochran at Berry.  He would eventually go on to co-author four papers, one from each project.  While at Berry, Aaron won the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship, becoming only the second Berry student to win that award, along with Frank Petruzielo (see above).  After graduating from Berry, Aaron enrolled at the University of Maryland where he is currently pursuing a PhD in physics and conducting research in quantum complexity theory.

taylor Milo Taylor earned a BS in physics from Berry in 2013.  During his time at Berry, Milo participated in summer research internships at the University of Chicago (in astrophysics) and at the University of California at Los Angeles (in plasma physics).  After graduation Milo entered the MS program in applied mathematics at Iowa State University where he is working on relativistic hydrodynamics.  After completing his MS degree, Milo plans to pursue a PhD in astrophysics.


Harrison Daniels earned a BS in physics from Berry in 2014.  While at Berry, Harrison worked in a wide variety of jobs.  He worked as a Leadership Coordinator for Student Activities, Head SOAR Leader, Physical Computing Lab Assistant, and Web Applications Developer for SAI Digital (founded by Tricia Steele, see above).  He spent many hours in the HackBerry Lab developing innovative new technologies.  Harrison's accomplishments at Berry were honored with the 2014 Martha Berry Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement.  After graduation, Harrison enrolled in the graduate program in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech, where he has already been awarded an Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award.

jarrellAdam Jarrell earned a BS in physics from Berry in 2015.  Adam graduated with Honors after completing a thesis on galactic rotation models and mass distribution in the Milky Way.  Adam also swam on the Berry varsity swimming team for four years.  After graduation, Adam enrolled in the MS program in mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt University where he now conducts research in the Welding Automation Laboratory.

donofrioMarissa D'Onofrio earned a BS in physics from Berry in 2016.  While at Berry, Marissa worked on a research project in acoustical physics with Dr. Hilbert.  She presented her work (along with physics major Mitchell Crum) at a meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers and won an award for best student presentation.  She has co-authored a paper on her work with Dr. Hilbert that will soon be published in the American Journal of Physics.  After graduating from Berry, Marissa enrolled in the PhD physics program at Indiana University where she conducts research in Accelerator Physics.

Dual-degree Engineering Students

duvall Judy (Cook) Duvall was a DDE student at Berry from 2005 to 2008.  During her time at Berry, Judy worked as a geology research assistant and as an intern for R. J. Griffin & Company on the construction of the Cage Athletic Center at Berry.  After leaving Berry, Judy completed her BS in civil engineering from Georgia Tech in 2010 (while also earning her BS in DDE from Berry).  She went on to complete an MS in civil engineering from Georgia Tech in 2012.  Judy now works as a structural engineer for Hargrove & Associates, Inc.

tomai Barbara Tomai was a DDE student at Berry from 2007 to 2010.  She earned her BS from Berry, along with a BS in industrial and systems engineering from Georgia Tech, in 2012.  Since graduating from Georgia Tech she has worked as a portfolio performance analyst at Credigy Solutions in Atlanta and as a Data Modeler at the Centre for Workforce Intelligence in London, UK.  She is now an Associate with Alvarez & Marsal in London.

borek Katherine Borek was a DDE student at Berry from 2007 to 2010.  She earned a BS from Berry and a BS in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech in 2012.  After graduating from Tech, Katie went to work for Miura America Co., Ltd.  She began as a mechanical engineer at Miura and has now worked her way up to Production Engineering Assistant Manager.

padgett Grace (Parker) Padgett was a DDE student at Berry from 2007 to 2010.  She earned a BS from Berry and a BS in chemical & biomolecular engineering from Georgia Tech in 2014.  While at Tech she interned at OFS, a manufacturer of telecommunications and specialty optical fibers, in Carrollton, GA.  After graduation she went to work for OFS as a process engineer and now she works for the same company as a materials engineer.  She is currently working on an MBA degree from the Florida Institute of Technology.


Ethan Garreau was a DDE student at Berry from 2010 to 2013.  He earned a BS from Berry and a BS in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech in 2015.  While at Tech he interned with Kubota and after graduation he took a job there as a manufacturing engineer.  Recently he took a new job as a manufacturing engineer at Pratt & Whitney, a manufacturer of aircraft engines.