Why Take Women's and Gender Studies?

What is Women's and Gender Studies?

Women's and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program of study concerned with gender issues influencing both women and men. An alternative to the traditional curriculum, the program encourages students to look at institutions, ideologies, history, literature, art, human nature, science, language and culture from a new perspective.

Is it relevant to me?

Women's and Gender Studies Programs at universities all over the world have been producing a growing body of research that shows how women's experiences contribute to a better understanding of human experience. One of the strengths of the program is that it offers many ways to examine both theories and real-life issues. Its ultimate aim is to further human understanding through exploring and respecting differences.

Where will it take me?

Government, industry, health and educational fields are increasingly looking for Women's and Gender Studies graduates. Such graduates provide a viewpoint and an expertise that is needed in the changing workplace and professional sphere. Some may wish to pursue related post-graduate studies, while others may integrate the experiences of Women's and Gender Studies into professional work.

The student will acquire and understanding of women's historical and cultural development, and will learn interdisciplinary skills that are all-important in the emerging complex global culture. Students are called upon to devise original research proposals and to work both in groups and independently.

Women's and Gender Studies prepares you for opportunities in a range of careers. For a list of current job openings related to women’s studies, visit the feminist.org site.

Can I minor in Women's and Gender Studies?

Yes. A minor in Women's and Gender Studies serves to enrich and expand the relevance of a degree in almost any traditional discipline. Students interested in the minor should contact: Dr. Susan Conradsen, Director of Women’s Studies. Students may major in Women's and Gender Studies through the Interdisciplinary Studies Program.