Department Chair Listing

Departments at Berry College 2017-2018

Charter School of Education and Human Sciences

Dean (5019)
Department of Kinesiology (5026)
Department of Psychology (5019)
Department of Teacher Education (5019) 
Division of Nursing (5048)

Dr. Jackie McDowell
Dr. Angela Lanier, Chair
Dr. Alan Hughes, Chair
Dr. Dara Wakefield, Chair
Dr. Pamela Dunagan, Director

Evans School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Dean (5034)
Department of Communication (299)
Department of English, Rhetoric, and Writing (350)
Department of Fine Arts, Music (309), Art (580), Theatre (537), Dance (5026)
Department of Foreign Languages (5044)
Department of Government and International Studies (5010)
Department of History (5010)
Department of Religion and Philosophy (550)
Department of Sociology and Anthropology (5010)

Dr. Thomas Kennedy
Dr. Brian Carroll, Chair
Dr. Tom Dasher, Chair
Dr. Adam Hayes, Chair
Dr. Julia Barnes, Chair
Dr. Kirsten Taylor, Chair
Dr. Matt Stanard, Chair
Dr. Jeffrey Lidke, Chair
Dr. Sarah Allred, Chair

School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Dean (5036)
Department of Animal Science (5003)
Department of Biology (430)
Department of Chemistry (5016)
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (5014)
Department of Physics, Astronomy (5004), and Geology (5036)

Dr. Gary Breton 
Dr. Jay Daniel, Chair
Dr. Bill Davin, Chair
Dr. Alice Suroviec, Chair
Dr. Jill Cochran, Chair
Dr. Todd Timberlake, Chair

Campbell School of Business

Dean (5024)
Assistant Dean/MBA Director
Department of Management, Marketing & Creative Technologies 
Department of Accounting, Economics & Finance

Dr. Joyce Heames
Ms. Nancy Mercer
Dr. Basil Englis, Chair
Dr. Eugene F. Stephenson, Chair