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Kindermusik Our Time

Kindermusik Our Time is for children and parents. The goal is learning, growing, loving, laughing and enjoying their time together through music. Kindermusik Our Time focuses on your child's natural emotional development and recognizes her need for both the freedom to try and the assurance of your support.

Exploration Time encourages her discovery of instruments, textures, sounds and movement. Language skills are fostered with singing, sound imitation,\ and vocal play. Creative dancing to different musical "moods" affirms their urge to move. The anticipation and rewards of listening are introduced, and with turn-taking activities, social skills blossom.

The at-home materials bring the classroom experiences into your daily life with songs, illustrated books and music making. Materials include: two CDs filled with a wide variety of music that you and your child will enjoy hearing over and over, two music and movement books created exclusively for Kindermusik, and a home activities book featuring songs from class and creative activities for play at home(a great resource for parents). Each semester includes a special instrument for the child.

Four units of Our Time, to share with your child, are offered. Classes meet for 30-35 minutes each week for 15 weeks. There is a maximum of 12 children and their adult companion per class.

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