Kindermusik Village

Kindermusik Village is a very special weekly music and movement program that creates an experience of learning and bonding for you and your baby.

It's for Newborns through 18 months: Kindermusik Village is for lap babies, crawlers and walkers accompanied by a parent or caregiver. Village introduces multiple levels of activities appropriate for the different stages of development in this age range

Educates Parents: You'll have a wonderful time in Kindermusik Village classes, and you'll be surprised by how much you can learn while having so much fun. Throughout your classroom experience, you'll learn how activities stimulate development in every area of your baby's brain.

Includes Music and Literature: Specially commissioned art in beautiful books will aid your baby's visual tracking, shape and color recognition and language development. They'll bring your Kindermusik Village experience home and will become a favorite addition to your child's bookshelf for years to come. You'll also love the beautiful recorded music on CDs, and all the other quality materials that go home to extend your baby's discovery and create lasting memories.

Kindermusik Village classes meet weekly for 40 - 45 minutes. Two curriculum units (8 weeks per unit) are taught in each semester.

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