How to apply

Before applying to the interdisciplinary studies program, meet with the director, Dr. Hickman. His office is located in Evans 117.

Students who have received permission to apply to the interdisciplinary studies major should:

  1. Obtain the  instructions and application (from Dr. Hickman).
  2. Meet with your faculty advisor to discuss your interests. 
  3. Draft a  statement of purpose and develop a list of potential courses to be included in your program of study (do this with the help of your faculty advisor).
  4. Meet with the IDS coordinator for feedback on your essay and course list.  The IDS coordinator will correspond with your faculty advisor about your proposed program of study.
  5. Revise your essay and course list as needed.
  6. Sign and date the  approval form and get your faculty advisor's signature.
  7. Submit all applications and forms to the IDS coordinator.

The IDS coordinator will obtain all necessary signatures and approvals from your faculty advisor, dean and the office of the provost.  The Office of the Provost will send copies of your application to you, your advisor and the registrar.

Any course changes must be approved by your advisor and the IDS coordinator using the  Course Change Form.