Teacher Education

Teacher Education

Berry College’s Teacher Education Program is nationally accredited and has been cited as a model of excellence. If you want to graduate from a program that has one simple goal - to produce 100 of the best-prepared new teachers each year - Berry is the place for you.

Education majors

  • Early childhood education major – prepares you for teacher certification in preschool through grade 5.
  • Middle-grades education major – prepares you for teacher certification in grades 4 through 8. You select two from the following areas of concentration: language arts, science, social science and mathematics.
  • Secondary education dual major – prepares you for teacher certification in grades 6 through 12 when coupled with a major in English, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, history or government.
  • P-12 education dual major – prepares you for teacher certification in art, French, German, Spanish, or music.

Preparation for culturally diverse classrooms

  • As a Berry Teacher Education student, you’ll earn an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) endorsement. Not only will this enhance your education and ability in the classroom, but it also will increase your marketability to school districts with substantial language-minority groups.
  • You’ll complete a “Maymester” cultural immersion experience, in which you will live for approximately two weeks overseas or in a language-minority area of the United States.

Extensive field experience

  • You will experience at least one school with a highly diverse student body.
  • Our field experiences are concentrated in local public and private schools that model best practices and work with Berry as partners in teacher education.
  • Berry College maintains three on-campus laboratory schools: the Child Development Center, ages 3-5; Berry College Elementary, grades K-5; and Middle School, grades 6-8. All classrooms allow unique opportunities for observation, participation and student work.
  • You will participate in a full-year “senior experience” rather than the traditional one-semester student-teaching experience.

A marketable degree

Principals and personnel directors place great confidence in Berry’s program. In both good and bad job markets, nearly all of our graduates are employed by school systems before the next school year. In addition, many of our graduates begin master’s degree programs within one to two years while continuing to teach.

Learning from experience

Berry’s Teacher Education Program is grounded in the liberal arts but also is rich in the wisdom of practicing teachers. Nearly all of Berry’s Teacher Education professors have extended experience in P-12 schools, with a dramatically higher than normal proportion of experience in inner city, overseas and high minority schools. In addition, a number of courses are team taught, allowing students to benefit from the expertise of professors from different backgrounds and disciplines. 


Almost all of Berry’s Teacher Education courses are conducted in the newly remodeled Cook Building, which is equipped with the latest teaching and educational technology.


Berry’s Teacher Education Program is unique among Georgia’s private colleges and universities in maintaining accreditation since 1974 by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), the principal accrediting body for teacher education schools. All certification programs are approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.