Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Cultural Events Program? 
A: The Cultural Events Program exists to support the college’s Cultural Events Requirement, which is a part of all undergraduate degree programs offered at Berry. The term “Cultural Event” refers to events (such as concerts, lectures, panel discussions, etc.) that have been approved by the Cultural Events Committee, which is comprised of faculty, administrators and students. Students must attend an average of three Cultural Events for each semester that they are enrolled full time and in residence at Berry (i.e. a total of twenty-four Cultural Events for eight semesters of full time enrollment). 

Q: What's the purpose of the Cultural Events Requirement? Why aren’t Berry’s graduation requirements limited to coursework? 
A: Berry College ascribes to the values of liberal arts education in the broadest sense, asserting that liberal learning should be a process of continuous exploration of ideas and cultural meaning that continues outside the classroom. The Cultural Events Requirement supports this exploration by requiring Berry students to attend a number of on-campus lectures, discussions, and performances. Berry College typically sponsors upwards of 150 Cultural Events each academic year, so a typical Berry student’s twenty-four required Cultural Events represent only about 4% of the college’s cultural offerings over a four year period.

Q: Who sponsors Cultural Events? 
A: Cultural Events are sponsored by Berry faculty and administrators. Students and student organizations can apply for CE credit for their events if the events meet  Event Guidelines and are sponsored and applied for by a Berry faculty member or administrator.

Q: How can I find out when and where Cultural Events are offered? 
A:The  Berry College Calendar of Events contains the only official listing of approved Cultural Events, though not all events listed in this calendar are official Cultural Events: see  Berry College Calendar of Events Guide. Other unofficial sources for information on upcoming Cultural Events are the “Campus Carrier,” KCAB, the “Stall Wall Weekly,” and emails and flyers distributed by the event sponsors. Please note that a few Berry sponsored Cultural Events take place at off-campus venues each year, and that all Cultural Events listed in the calendar are admission-free unless otherwise noted.

Q: Life is hectic! How can I be sure I make it to at least six Cultural Events per year?
A: First, check the  Berry College Calendar of Events to stay informed about upcoming events, then mark the events that are of genuine interest to you in your planner. By the time you graduate you will need to attend three Cultural Events for every semester of full time attendance in residence. Do not wait until the last weeks of term you intend to graduate to attend all the necessary events! 

Q: How about cultural experiences I’ve had on my own? Can I receive Cultural Events credit for personal travel or attendance at non-Berry cultural events?
A: No. Berry College does not grant Cultural Event credit for outside experiences. Although we hope you will have many cultural experiences on your own away from Berry, the intent of the Cultural Events Program is to involve Berry students in the rich and varied cultural life of the college.

Q: How and where is attendance at Cultural Events documented? How do I keep track of my Cultural Events credits? 
A: Students arriving at a Cultural Event will be greeted by a Cultural Events staff worker who will hand out Cultural Events cards. The white copy of the completed CE card is then given back to the CE staffer at the conclusion of the event, with the yellow copy retained by the student as a receipt. The CE cards are processed by student workers in the Provost’s Office, and then given to the Registrar’s Office for recording. Note that it is the responsibility of the student to periodically review the CE information in his or her Viking Web account.

Q: Why isn't the Cultural Event information on my Viking Web account always current? 
A: It normally takes about two weeks to process and record Cultural Events credits on the Viking Web, but if you believe that there is a real discrepancy between the Viking Web and your own Cultural Events accounting, please contact the Registrar’s Office. Make it a habit to save you Cultural Events card receipts.

Q: What will happen if I don't complete six Cultural Events per year? Are there consequences? 
A: Berry students are given the discretion to plan ahead and make sure that they have attended the required number of Cultural Events (usually 24) by graduation. Students are advised to complete as many CE’s as they can in advance of semesters where they may be student teaching, in an internship, or involved in other activities that might substantially interfere with attending Cultural Events.

Q: What if I'm just a few Cultural Events short at the end of my senior year? Won't an exception be made for me so that I can graduate on time? 
A: No. You will not receive your degree until you have completed all required Cultural Events. The deadline for completion of all Cultural Events is the "Last W/WF Day" of your semester of graduation. This date is approximately in the 12th week of classes and is published in the academic calendar.

Q: What if I graduate early? Am I still required to attend 24 Cultural Events? 
A: No. You are required to attend three Cultural Events for each semester that you are a full-time student in residence at Berry. If for example, a student transferred in as a Sophomore and graduated in six semesters, he or she would be required to complete eighteen Cultural Events. Conversely, students whose residency at Berry extends past eight semesters are still only required to accumulate twenty-four CE credits.

Q: I have some great ideas about improving the Cultural Events Program. Who can I talk to? 
A: Please feel free to contact the CE Committee chair or any other committee member. Our goal is to make the CE Program as enriching as possible, and we welcome your suggestions.