Cultural Event Conduct Guidelines

Berry’s Cultural Event Requirement is a graduation requirement that should be taken as seriously as you take your course work. Your attentiveness to performers or speakers and respect for the needs of other members of the audience is essential if attendance at Cultural Events is to be a meaningful experience. In keeping with this expectation, here are several specific and simple rules of conduct:

  1. Be on time and find your seat before the event begins.
    • Arriving late disturbs the lecturers/performers and audience members alike.
    • Students who arrive after the lecture or performance begins will not receive credit for the event.
  2. Be attentive and courteous.
    • Do not talk, read, sleep or study during the event. Turn your cell phone off before entering the venue. All of these activities distract the lecturer/performer and other audience members.
    • Since there are usually more than seventy-five Cultural Events offered each semester, only attend those that are of interest to you!
  3. No food or drink.
    • Unless provided by the lecturer/performer, food and beverage is not permitted at Cultural Events.
  4. You must attend the entire event in order to receive credit.
    • Cultural Events cards are collected/accepted only at the conclusion of the event.
  5. Those who violate these rules will be asked to leave.
    • If dismissed, a student will not receive credit for attending the event.
    • Any Berry faculty member, administrator or Cultural Events staff worker has the authority to dismiss students who are not conducting themselves appropriately.