Cultural Events Guidelines

Applications will be approved for Cultural Events Credit if a majority of the individual Members of the Cultural Events Committee voting on the application conclude that the described event meets the following guidelines:

  • Support the liberal education of students through musical, dance, theatrical or literary performances; or lecture, cinematic, or multi-media presentations.
  • Motivate students to examine their conceptions of the natural world, human behavior and institutions, philosophical and religious meaning, and works of literary or artistic value; or prompt them to reflect upon and discuss important public policy issues.
  • In addition, each event must meet the following criteria:
    • The presentation or performance must possess clear social, cultural, or academic significance or value.
    • The presenter(s) or performer(s) must possess recognized professional, artistic, or academic credentials.

Events which fall outside the compass of Cultural Events Credit criteria include:  

  • Sporting or recreational events
  • Religious worship services or worship meetings of any kind
  • Career or personal counseling, sales presentations
  • Meetings of student government or other student organizations
  • Regularly scheduled class attendance
  • Presentation of student course work
  • Family life including child care
  • Foreign or domestic travel, or dining
  • Volunteering in charitable or civic activities
  • Volunteering as a subject in scientific or medical experiments