Brittany Chambers

Major: Psychology

Host Organization: Beyond Limits Therapeutic RidingBC Intern 1

Location: Cartersville, GA

What made you choose your current major?


I chose Psychology because I wanted to focus on children with special needs. I have always wanted to do Equine Therapy for children and by doing Psychology it allowed me to take classes geared toward kids with special needs. 


How did you find your internship?


I found my internship on It is the organization I have to get certified from in order to become a therapeutic riding instructor.


Why did you want to do an internship?


An internship would give me experience doing what I eventually want to do and would allow me to get my foot in the door. It also filled my certification hours needed to become a therapeutic riding instructor.


What did you do and what did you accomplish (above and beyond the basic job description) during this internship?


I learned a lot more than I thought I would. I helped others learn what I already knew and added things to the program they did not think of or did not know. I had to coordinate and organize many volunteers and lesson schedules. I also added some techniques from what I learned in classes into the lesson plans I created.


What has been the most valuable or favorite part of the experience?


My favorite part was getting to know the kids.


What was the most challenging aspect of your experience?


Most challenging aspect was the lack of organization and it being a new barn. I was helping them work the kinks out and being able to communicate effectively what I thought would be helpful to the company, without stepping on toes or over a boundary. 


How will this internship help you in the real world and with future career goals?


I recently graduated from Berry and I have a current position with the same barn I did my internship with as well as another one in Chattanooga. It allowed me to gain knowledge and experience which lead to a job offer.


BC Intern 2What advice would you give other students related to finding an internship or how to make the best use of an internship? 


GO FOR IT. If you are wondering whether to take an internship or not, it can’t hurt.  The only thing bad that could come out of it would be that the job is not for you and you would rather find that out before you accept a job offer and/or sign a contract. It can help because it will show you if you really are a good fit for the job and it allows you to get your name out there. Just go into it with an open mind and allow your knowledge to show for itself, don't boast, and let your actions speak louder.


Were you asked to come back or offered a position?


I was offered a job as an instructor and I accepted the offer. All I have to finish is the online classes and I will be certified instructor.