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Kindergarten applicants who are currently enrolled at the Child Development Center, and/or who have siblings already enrolled at BCEMS, and who plan to continue through eighth grade, will be given preferential consideration during Early Admission (September 1-November 30).  Consideration is also given, among other equally important factors, to maintaining balance in the racial and gender makeup of each class based upon the value of a diverse classroom to the overall academic experience and learning environment.  Date of completed application is a significant factor in determining admission status. For kindergarten enrollment, students should be five years old prior to September 1. For first grade enrollment, students should be six years old prior to September 1.

Please note this form is not our application.  We will be happy to send you additional information when we receive your online inquiry. You may download and print our application, and you may also call the BCEMS office 706-236-2242 or email our Admissions Director, Lynne Manna,, to request an application.  Thank you for considering our school.

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