Our Cheese

Applewood Smoked Gouda

Applewood Smoked GoudaSelected as one of three finalists in the “Flavor of Georgia 2013” contest in the dairy category, this is the premier artisan smoked culinary creation! 



A beautiful yellow-orange coated cheese that is rich and buttery, with a dense texture. Its flavor will enhance a limitless number of meats, pasta and makes any cheese sauces. Grated, sliced, melted or just cubed, it has an authentic flavor without match. Watch for its signature dark spot on the coating. These tiny, beneficial dots of mold occur naturally in the aging cooler and often attach to this very special, breathable cheese, it allows its own unique aging process. 

Gouda Gold

Gouda GoldWow! Seasoned with natural habanero pepper, this cheese has a smooth texture, a delectable bite, and reputation for melting beautifully. It is an artful attraction to spice up any sandwich, vegetable or cheese platter. 


GoudaGouda is a remarkably smooth, mild and highly versatile cheese. 

Jack and Dill

Jack and DillThis version of Jack is carries the addition of dill.  Along with its many possible culinary uses, it’s a visibly stunning cheese on a cheese plate paired with a soft, light wine. 

The cheese is produced in Roopville, GA by Udderly Cool Dairy, L.L.C. with milk exclusively from the Berry College Dairy.