Group Development Initiatives    

While all challenges require the imagination and cooperation of every participant, the real challenge lies in the communication skills and confidence of the team. The aim is to maximize the group's experience for total effectiveness. BOLD's Group Development Initiatives (GDI) program is designed to meet the specific needs of every group that participates. 

Some skills that almost every GDI program develops are:

  • communication and decision making skills
  • leadership formation
  • team effectiveness
  • group identity
  • conflict resolution

Low Course Challenge 

The Low Challenge Course (LCC) is designed to mesh with GDI activities that complement each other for a half or whole day team development experience. The LCC consists of 'fixed' elements ranging from 6 inches to 14 feet off the ground. This is an excellent intermediate step between GDI and HCC. 

Teams involved in a LCC experience generally confront skill development challenges such as:

  • problem solving
  • effective planning
  • interdependence
  • trust
  • developing creative solutions

High Course Challenge 

The High Challenge Course (HCC) consists of activities that take place in the trees, anywhere from thirty feet to fifty feet above the ground. The program is meant to be a continuation of the GDI/LCC, using teamwork and trust skills learned while accomplishing the lower elements. The high elements also require problem-solving skills and confidence in yourself and your team. Furthermore, before leaving the ground, each person is carefully oriented in the appropriate operation of the equipment. 

Some benefits often obtained from participating in the HCC are:

  • extension of personal limitations
  • group support
  • experience in handling unusual matters
  • increased self-confidence
  • increased trust and reliance