History Justice

History + Justice

Students major in History; minor in Legal Studies, Political Science, Business, or Sociology/Anthropology; and intern at a law office or institution closely involved with legal issues. This specialization prepares students for law school or careers in criminal justice, law enforcement, government, regulatory compliance, legal research, lobbying, and social work.


(58-61 Hours)
  • Major in History (36 hours)
    • Must take either HIS 433: Recent U.S. History or HIS 450: Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
  • Minor in Legal Studies (18 hours), Political Science (18 hours), Business (21 hours),  Sociology (18 hours), or Anthropology (18 hours)
    • HIS 402: History + X (1 hour)
    • Complete internship at law office or institution involved with legal issues (3 hours)
    • Optional campus job in Student Government, Volunteer and Computer Services, Business Office, or Human Resources