International Business
Dual Major

The International Business major is a dual major. Students may pursue the International Business major only if they simultaneously pursue one of the other business majors offered by the Campbell School: Accounting, Finance, Management or Marketing. A total of 15 additional credit hours specific to International Business are required to fulfill the requirements of the International Business major.
At least three courses selected from the following list. However, students can take all 5 courses from the major from this list:

Course number

BUS 410

BUS 416

ECO 350 I


MGT 415

MKT 425

Course Title

International Business

Business and Society

Economic Development

International Economics and Finance

Cross-Cultural Management

International Marketing


Junior standing

Junior standing or consent of instructor

ECO 210

ECO 210 and Junior standing

MGT 301

MKT 301

No more than two courses selected from the following list:

Course number Course Title Prerequisites
GOV 321 International Relations GOV 207 or GOV 211 or GOV 217 or
GOV 411 International Law and Organizations GOV 321WI
GOV 421 International Relations Theory GOV 321
ANT 340 Globalization and Local Communities ANT 200 or SOC 200
SPA 404 Spanish Business Communication Any 300-level SPA
FRE 404 French Business Communication Any 300-level FRE
GER 403 German Economy and Business Communication Any 300-level GER