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Solar eclipse events!

On Monday August 21, 2017 a solar eclipse will be visible across the United States.  A total eclipse will be visible along a path that stretches from Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina.  Here at Berry College we won't be able to see the total eclipse (the path passes through Tennessee, runs through northeastern Georgia, and then goes into South Carolina).  However, we will be able to observe a partial solar eclipse that will reach a maximum of almost 98% coverage of the Sun.  Dr. Timberlake is working with local schools and libraries to make sure they are prepared to host observing events on eclipse day, but we will also host our own observing event here at Berry.  In addition, Dr. Timberlake will give a lecture, offered on three different days, that will discuss the science of eclipses, the historical understanding of eclipses, and how to safely observe the August 21 solar eclipse.  Free eclipse viewing cards will be given to each person who attends a lecture.  Dates and times are given below.

Eclipse lectures: "Understanding and observing the great american solar eclipse of 2017" by todd timberlake (Berry astronomy professor)

August 8 (Tuesday), 7 PM, Sara Hightower Library (Coosa Room) in Rome, GA, open to the public

August 15 (Tuesday), 7:30 PM, McAllister Hall Auditorium, Berry College, open to the public

August 20 (Sunday), 7:30 PM, McAllister Hall Auditorium, Berry College, for Berry students/faculty/staff

eclipse observing event at Valhalla Stadium, august 21 (Monday) - Open to the public

Partial eclipse begins at 1:03 PM

Maximum eclipse (about 98% coverage) occurs at 2:34 PM

Partial eclipse ends at 4:00 PM

Fall 2017 Events

We have not yet set our schedule of Fall events, but once the solar eclipse (see above) is over we will work on planning our schedule of Star Parties for the Fall!

Past Events

Observatory News

  • We are hoping to raise funds to construct a new observatory facility. The plan is to purchase two pre-fab buildings (one roll-off roof structure, and one small dome). We are considering changing the location of the observatory, perhaps moving it to a more convenient site near Frost Chapel.
  • Our old Celestron 14 inch SCT has been refurbished with a new corrector plate. We aren't sure when we will get this telescope set up. It may need to wait for a new observatory building.

Berry Astrophotography

We are in the early stages of creating a program of astrophotography at Berry College. At this time we are still working on autoguiding, as well as image processing. However, we have taken some unguided images of relatively bright objects that require only short exposure times. We also got some excellent images of the 2012 Venus transit. More information and images are available on the following pages:
Todd K. Timberlake ( ttimberlake@berry.edu)