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Daniel HawesDaniel Hawes, Admission Counselor

Hometown: Powder Springs, GA 
Degree: B.S. in Psychology, Berry College

What is the best time to be at Berry?
The best time to be at Berry is during the fall. The leaves are changing colors, the air is crisp, and there is always something for the students, faculty, and staff to be involved in. The nearly 100 miles of trails on campus are wonderful to walk as they offer a very scenic and beautiful tour of the campus and its resources. Mountain Day weekend, which is always the first full weekend in October, is also one of the highlights of the year at Berry College. It is a time to celebrate the work that students have done for the first half of the fall semester and it is also a way to celebrate the strength of the Berry College community. Students, alumni, family members, faculty, and staff all gather together to celebrate our founder, Martha Berry’s, birthday with a parade, a picnic, the Grand March, and a carnival at night. It is a great opportunity for anyone to experience the warmth, camaraderie, and support of the Berry College community.
What was the scariest thing about going off to college?
The scariest thing about going off to college for me was leaving behind many of the friends that I had made in high school and the comfortable environment that I had built for myself during my high school years. However, the opportunity to grow and develop while I was attending Berry College is something that I would not trade for the world. Although I did lose touch with a few of my high school friends, I also made some of the best connections with friends that will last a lifetime. Change is always hard, but the beautiful thing is that we get to change. Change in any form is always an opportunity for something wonderful to happen. We just have to be open to the possibilities that lie ahead.

Hello and thank you for your interest in Berry College! I graduated from Berry in 2015 with a degree in psychology. I began working as an Admission Counselor for the Office of Admissions in July of 2015. I have been given an incredible opportunity to tell people about the value of a Berry College education and experience.

As I searched for the perfect college experience, I discovered Berry tucked away in the seven hills of Rome and the foothills of the Appalachian mountain range. Berry is a place of learning, growth, and opportunity. Certainly, my time at Berry was full of meaningful and intentional opportunities that helped me grow and develop personally and professionally. I found small class sizes, mentorship opportunities with professors and staff, and a community that embraced me with open arms.

In my time at Berry College, I worked in the Student Work Experience Program every year. My journey began at Oak Hill and the Martha Berry Museum, where I learned about the rich history of Berry College. From Oak Hill, I ventured out to the Campus Carrier, the Student Activities Office, and the Berry Outdoor Leadership Development Program, where I was able to serve students and visitors to Berry.  In addition to developing leadership and professional skills, I aided students by serving on the Exam Jam committee and the Marthapalooza committee, two of Berry’s largest events for students.

Through every experience that I had, Berry helped to develop me as a well-rounded individual. Berry gave me countless opportunities to pursue my interests and passions. If you have ever wanted to belong in a community where diversity is accepted, students hammock or hike trails in their free time, service to others is a lifestyle, and friendliness is abundant, then Berry College is the place for you! I look forward to seeing you on campus and I am always happy to answer any questions you may have! Welcome to the Berry College community!