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Henry Oddi Henry Oddi, Associate Director, Enrollment management

Hometown: Wilbraham, Massachusetts & Vidalia, Georgia
Degree: Bachelors of Business Administration in Management and International Business, University of Georgia

What is the best piece of advice you can give about applying to college?
Ask the questions that you’re afraid to ask – those are generally the important ones!
What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend? 
I love making Chinese dumplings (jiaozi) and eating them with my friends, family, and anyone who is visiting!
What is the best time to be at Berry?
Best time to be at Berry is 7AM at the Ford Complex, when the sun is rising, and the birds are singing. There is a fresh mist in the air and you will hear an occasional moo from the pastures in the distance.

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn more about Berry College! 

Back when I was a headstrong and independent high school senior in a rural town, I navigated the college admissions process by myself; not knowing what to expect from the school I chose nor sophisticated enough to ask the questions I would certainly ask now.  

Reflecting on that experience is what makes me so passionate about helping others be deliberate in their college search, and I feel that Berry College is a unique opportunity in a sea of choices.   

I feel called to Berry not only to become part of an amazing community, but to go further and make this place even better. This is a challenge that I stake to our future students as well. This is an incredible chance to participate in an environment where interacting with difference is encouraged. The very nature of liberal arts education is to expose students to a diverse collection of ideas, skills, people, and experiences, and Berry does this in a serene but vibrant space that encourages thought. 

I welcome you to put any assumptions you might have about life after high school aside for a moment, and come experience Berry Firsthand.