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Tessa HowardTessa Howard, Admission Counselor

Hometown: Rome, GA
Degree: B.A. in History, Anthropology minor, Berry College

I would describe myself as a small town girl. I was born and raised in Rome, GA and I have always loved my hometown and being close to my family. When it came time to go to college, I knew Berry College was exactly where I wanted to go. Berry has always felt like home to me and that feeling only grew stronger in my four years as a student here. I discovered new passions in my time at Berry that have positively shaped me and helped me discover strengths I didn’t know I had. If someone had told me in my senior year of high school that in four years I would be an experienced heirloom seed gardener and do extensive research on heirloom crop varieties of the Cherokee, I wouldn’t have believed it! That is the beauty of college, not only will you work toward goals you have at the beginning of your college career, you will discover new goals and dreams and be given the support and skills to reach them. I am excited to be in the position now to help students find their way to Berry College so that they can experience the challenges, traditions, community, and fun that is always alive on this campus!

What’s your favorite memory of Berry?
My favorite Berry memory is when I took a class called “Anthropology of Food.” We had a cooking competition where we all had to research and prepare recipes from locally grown produce. My group won the competition, but it was a close competition because every group prepared such amazing food! It was the sort of thing I never expected to do in college, I didn’t know classes like that even existed. That group of people will always stick out in my mind because we got cook, eat, and laugh together while learning about how our food systems can shape our culture and beliefs. I will never forget that class and how much it shaped me as a cook and a consumer. 

What do you do for fun? 
I love to be outside. I enjoy gardening, hiking, and kayaking. I also love movies of pretty much any genre, except horror movies because I’m a big scaredy cat. If it’s too rainy to get outside, I love to cuddle with my dog on the couch and read a book, most likely The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.   

What advice would you give to someone during the college search process? 
Firstly, enjoy this time! It can be stressful to choose a college and everything that goes along with it, but it is a fun time when you can explore and find what is the best fit for you. Remember that college is meant to help you learn, grow, and reach your goals. Also know that there are always people to support you in this search; admissions counselors like me, your parents, your teachers, and many other are all rooting for you and wanting you to succeed. Find a school that feels like home because your college should be more than an institution, it should be a place where you can grow, thrive, and discover!