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All of our weekday visit spots include the following: a group information session, a group tour of campus, and time with a current student. These visits occur twice a day, Monday through Friday beginning at 9:00 AM and at 1:00 PM. This traditional campus visit will last approximately 3.5 hours.

We believe that there is great value in experiencing campus firsthand and the best way to do this is through a personalized visit experience. Our personalized visit experiences last most of the day and are available to high school juniors, high school seniors, and transfer students. While a personalized visit still includes a tour of campus, an information session, and time with a current student in a small group setting you also have the option of requesting any of the following add-on options.

  • Observe a class – A real experience in a classroom is a great way to gain a better understanding of the way Berry educates its students.
  • Meet with a professor – Want to chat with a faculty member about a specific program that Berry offers? We are happy to arrange this for you!
  • Interview for Admission – We encourage you to schedule an interview for admission on campus or when our admissions representatives are travelling in your area. An interview for admission is NOT required but can give you an opportunity to communicate to us in person what you would bring to Berry College. Available to high school seniors and transfer students only.
  • Overnight Visitation – Only high school seniors can arrange an overnight visit. Please indicate this preference on the campus visit scheduling form, which can be found below.

The Office of Admission is open for scheduled campus visits Monday through Friday, and on selected Saturdays. We reserve class observations and overnight stays for high school seniors (available October through April), and will assist in scheduling appointments with coaches per their availability. Please call (706) 236-2215 for any further questions.

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