Distinguished Alumni Awards

Distinguished Achievement Award

Kelly Fite (68C)

Kelly FiteKelly Fite (68C), is a nationally recognized forensic scientist specializing in the reconstruction of crime scenes, firearm trajectory and forensic aspects of firearm involvement. His work has included such high profile cases as the Martin Luther King, Jr. case in Memphis, Tenn., and the Alday murders in Donaldsonville, Ga. As a member of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, he has provided personal supervision of 250 major homicide crime scene investigations and provided expert reports in thousands of cases and testified in hundreds of cases in Superior and Federal Courts in the Southeast. He has examined and tested more than 20,000 firearms during his career and is regularly seen on TV programs regarding cold crime cases.

He has received many awards, including the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Service in State Government, the State of Alabama Attorney General’s Certificate of Appreciation for firearms professional aid of law enforcement, and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) recognition of leadership and dedication in the Operation Ceasefire Program and outstanding contributions to effective law enforcement in the State of Georgia. He was recognized by the FBI, GBI and the ATF upon his retirement after 51 years of distinguished government and private service in law enforcement and selfless effort to protect and serve the American public.