About the Berry Eagles' "Nest" and "Approach" Cameras

Berry is excited to provide live video feeds of the bald eagle nesting area. Georgia Power donated the use of a truck and manpower to install a small camera with a direct view of the nest (Nest Cam). The camera is a SNC-CH180 and was donated by Sony. The camera used last season, also donated by Sony, has been moved closer to the nest and now provides a much better view of the tree (Approach Cam). 

Although both cameras are high definition, in order to stream video content across the web there will be some reduction in resolution. We monitor the camera and streaming account closely and will make adjustments to enhance your experience quickly and to the extent that we can.

If you are having trouble connecting, it may be from one of three common reasons:

  1. You need to update your Flash player at
  2. You need to update your video drivers - If this is the case, you usually see a white blank area and no video player.
  3. Your company blocks streaming or UStream through their network firewall - This is very common.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The nest cam has been installed in an area very close to the nest and which is "off limits" during nesting season. If something happens to the camera (picture shift, damage, blackout, eagle attack,) then repairs will not be made until after the eagles have left the nest.