Current Exhibits

The following exhibits are currently on display in the Archives. Please contact the Archives if you have suggestions for future exhibits. Learn about our Past Exhibits.

OYC exhibitOlympic Youth Camp: A Cultural Exchange

In July 1996, in concert with the Atlanta Olympic Games, young people from around world convened at Berry College to participate in the official Olympic Youth Camp. This unique event, featuring 458 campers representing over 150 nations, comprised a festival of cultural exchange and Olympic spirit that transformed the Berry College campus.  Throughout the gathering, participants shared not only in sport, but in dance, drama, art, and an array of Olympic-themed workshops.  In this 20th anniversary year, we invite you to learn more about Berry’s Olympic moment.

Exhibit 02Roosevelt Cabin: From Simple Beginnings to Historical significance

One of the oldest buildings on campus, Roosevelt Cabin was designed by school architect Captain John Gibbs Barnwell and constructed by Berry students in 1902. “The Cabin,” as it was originally called, was conceived as a quaint, rustic abode whose very simplicity would symbolize Berry’s unadorned, honest, and earnest approach to education. Originally employed as a residence and office for founder, Martha Berry, the Cabin stood at the symbolic center of campus life, and became a frequent hub of social activity. The Cabin took on added historical significance, and a new name, in 1910, following Theodore Roosevelt's visit to the Berry Schools. For some time afterward, the Cabin remained a fixture of campus life, hosting religious services, meetings, and conferences, as well as Christmas and Mountain Day celebrations. In later years, Martha Berry became very mindful of preserving Roosevelt Cabin as a symbol of the college’s humble beginnings. Its recent restoration and re-opening affirms Roosevelt Cabin’s foundational place at the heart of the Berry College community.