Instructional Services Program

Reference librarians at Berry are happy to provide instruction for you and for your students in the use of research resources. Our instructional services program has several components. Want to request library instruction? Request Instruction today. Please review these notes to select options best suited to your needs. 

New Student Orientation (BCC 099/100)

General Library Orientation

Incorporates a journey through the stacks and familiarization with the Library of Congress classification scheme using gaming and awards.  

Learning outcomes:

  • Connect with the physical library environment
  • Connect with the virtual library environment
  • Familiarization with the Library of Congress classification scheme.

Academic Integrity: A Beginning Conversation

What is academic integrity and why is it important?  Issues of plagiarism, attribution, and the academic conversation explored and demonstrated through hands-on mind-engaged exercises.

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognize plagiarism in its various forms and the consequences of plagiarizing
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts of paraphrasing, quoting and summarizing
  • Correctly identify citation elements for the purpose of preparing a list of sources in a standardized citation format

Evaluating Web Resources

The World Wide Web provides a tsunami of information. How to ride that wave and not get drowned in the amount of information available.  Exploring how to evaluate with a critical eye the information one gets from a spin of the Google roulette wheel.

Learning outcomes:

  • Restate a topic into search words and use effective search techniques to focus results
  • Evaluate a web page using criteria such as: credibility/authority; accuracy; objectivity/bias; currency.

A Day in the Life of Martha Berry - History of Berry

A great way to fulfill the BCC100 Berry History Common Topic!  An historic overview of Martha Berry’s vision from the beginnings of Berry Schools through her death in 1942. With hands-on viewing of the letters and artifacts that informed the daily world of our founder, Martha Berry.

Learning outcomes:

  • Connect the student experience to the vision and history of Martha Berry.

Course-Related Instruction

Course-related library instruction is the most effective opportunity we have to work with you and your students together to ensure that Berry students will leave as information literate graduates who are capable of finding, analyzing, and using information effectively in their personal and professional lives.  

Course-related instruction: 

  • improves a student's ability to locate, retrieve, and evaluate a variety of information resources, thus reducing frustration and improving the quality of research.  
  • encourages productive interaction among classroom faculty, librarians, and students. Collection strengths and weaknesses are more easily detected and addressed in the context of actual course assignments.  
  • allows one librarian who is familiar with your assignment to present essential information that will be needed by all students doing a particular kind of research.  
  • helps students better understand the importance of asking for assistance, as well as formulate better questions.  

 Library sessions include:   

  • A brief discussion of print and online resources for a given area 
  • Interactive demonstrations of online resources   
  • Supervised hands-on practice time with databases and electronic tools 
  • Anything else you would like! Sessions can be tailored to your needs. We can concentrate on the research process for a specific course project or concentrate on comprehensive training on a single information tool. Please indicate your needs in our instructional scheduling form.  

 Scheduling Your Session:  

Requests are honored on a first-come, first-serve basis, and should be made at least three weeks prior to the presentation to give librarians enough time to develop appropriate instructional materials. Students are more receptive to a serious presentation on information resources if it is scheduled to coincide with their time of need, i.e., the point in the semester at which they actually begin work on the assignment requiring research.  

Faculty Consultations

Faculty Consultations are an opportunity for one-on-one in-depth training and instruction from a reference librarian, either in the library or at your office workstation. Sessions may focus on a specific database or information service being used by your students, or on information-retrieval tools required for your research but not used in your classroom.  

Simply call Steve Head 706-378-2926 to schedule an appointment.  

Memorial Library LibGuides

LibGuides are another avenue for providing library instruction and research support to your students. These are library research guides that contain recommendations of resources such as databases, journals and websites. While LibGuides include general research help guides and subject guides, reference librarians can also create a course-specific research guide tailored to a topic, paper or project in your class. If you would like Memorial Library to construct a LibGuide for your course, please contact Steve Head and attach a copy of your course syllabus and all relevant assignments.  

For additional information on any aspect of Memorial Library's instructional services program, contact:

Steve Head
Berry College Memorial Library
Mount Berry, GA 30149
Phone: 706-378-2926