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Ford Auditorium

"Music and song are, in my opinion, so fine and necessary a part of life that without them we cannot be said really to live at all."

– Henry Ford, 1937

Henry Ford knew about more than building automobiles; he understood the importance of the arts to human existence. In many ways, he brought enjoyment of music to the Berry campus, and he can be credited fully with creation of Berry’s signature venue for music performance, Ford Auditorium.

Ford and his wife, Clara, hired the finest craftsmen to build Ford Auditorium, and it has served Berry students long and well – both those who study music formally and those who sing or play an instrument for the sheer love of it. Today Ford Auditorium is the central rehearsal space and one of three main classrooms for Berry’s music program as well as the college’s primary concert hall for student, faculty and guest-artist performances.

It is time now to breathe new life into this beautiful structure that is so critical to the study and performance of the arts at Berry. Doing so will enhance the education of our students and the enjoyment of the arts on campus for decades to come. It also will preserve the usefulness of a historic structure that is part of the very fabric of the Berry campus.

A Century Campaign gift from the Ford Motor Company Fund in 2000 helped preserve the exterior of all the Ford structures. In this campaign, we will bring new life and expanded purpose to the interior of this very special space.

Our plans include dramatic improvements to the acoustical characteristics of the auditorium, an enlarged stage and new audience seating. Click here for details.

For more information, contact Scott Breithaupt (91C, 96G) at 706-238-5897 or sbreithaupt@berry.edu.

Hannah Ausband “The opportunities I have found at Berry are unique and varied – from writing incidental music for Shakespearean plays to assisting psychological research projects on music and the brain. I cannot put into words how thankful I am to the donors and patrons of the arts who have made my attendance here possible.”

- Hannah Ausband