Berry Student’s Business ‘Ties’

Release Date: April 14, 2014

Berry College senior Sydney Hulebak has earned $4,000 for her new business venture, Lion’s Thread, thanks to the Clinton Global Initiative University.

Hulebak said the idea for Lion’s Thread came about last year when she and Berry alum Brin Enterkin, creator of SOUP (Sponsorship of Orphans in Uganda Project), decided to mix fashion with Enterkin’s work in Uganda. Lion’s Thread sells bow ties crafted by women in Uganda and the profits go to pay the salaries of the women, provide entrepreneurial training, support the SOUP and help the women save 15 percent so they can start a venture of their own.  

At the recent Clinton Global Initiative Conference, Hulebak and other college students from around the world came together to collaborate on ideas to better the world. Hulebak’s grant for Lion’s Thread came from The Resolution Project, a non-profit organization that helps young leaders with social ideas and give seed funding to start business ventures.   

The Huntsville, Ala., resident said her fundraising experience lead to the idea and the opportunity to help the Ugandan women.  

“I have always wanted to start a social enterprise and I have always wanted to find a combination between fashion and non-profit and it kind of came together nicely in the package of Lion’s Thread,” said Hulebak, who is also director of Berry College Volunteer Services.  “We plan to buy more fabric, hire more women, buy more sewing machines and generally build up the infrastructure of the company. We are selling out of ties as soon as we get them.”  

After graduation, Hulebak has a job with the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation in Atlanta, but plans to continue her work with Lion’s Thread and the SOUP to create opportunities for the women of Uganda.   

To learn more about Lion’s Thread and to order a bow tie visit:  


Written by Public Relations Assistant Brittni Trollinger