Berry College to Build Welcome Center

Release Date: July 31, 2014

Construction of a new Welcome Center and enhanced vehicle entrance is underway this week at Berry College’s main entry. 

Plans call for an 800-square-foot Welcome Center which will house security and a student team to greet Berry’s many visitors to campus and to offer information and maps.  The entrance will include a new lane for visitors.  Members of the Berry community and frequent visitors will enter through an  advanced gate system that will balance convenience and security. 

The Welcome Center will open in early 2015. It is being funded by donor gifts through the college’s LifeReady capital campaign. 

“We are fast-tracking the project to minimize construction activity during the bald eagles’ nesting season, anticipating their return later this fall. The new campus entry will be both welcoming and more secure for our campus,” said Berry College Chief of Staff Alexander Whitaker. 

Berry is a popular educational, historical, cultural and recreational destination. Hikers, bikers, photographers, nature lovers and history buffs all join students, prospective students, alumni, parents, local residents and other friends in enjoying Berry’s beautiful and bountiful resources. 

Berry has seen the number of campus visitors increase since the arrival of a bald eagle pair in 2012 and the installation of the only live, streaming video camera of a bald eagle nest in Georgia. The bald eagle family has become a nation-wide phenomenon. Two cameras send streaming video and have garnered more than 17 million views. Almost 70,000 “followers” belong to the Berry College Eagles Facebook page. 

The bald eagles’ nest is in a tall pine tree situated between the main entrance and the parking lot of the Steven J. Cage Athletic and Recreation Center. During the 2012-2013 nesting season, two eaglets were born and fledged and one eaglet hatched and fledged during the 2013-2014 nesting season.