Berry Welcomes New Students for 2014-15 Academic Year

Release Date: August 21, 2014

More than 600 new students arrived at Berry College this week in preparation for the new semester that starts Monday.  

The freshman class totals 573 and they are joined by 36 transfer students. In addition to those who hail from Georgia. Berry welcomed students from 27 states and 10 countries including Austria, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Serbia, Sweden and Vietnam.  

Thirty-nine percent of the new students are members of the National Honor Society or Beta Club and 57 percent have already had at least one leadership experience, leading organizations in high schools, churches, and communities. In this year’s class, 69 percent have been involved in a community service activity as a high school student. Students traveled on mission trips to a myriad of places within the United States but also to Costa Rica, Haiti, Jamaica, Australia, Bolivia, South Africa, and Peru to name just a few.  

Berry College Dean of Students Debbie Heida offered some inspirational words to start the school year.  

“Martha Berry wanted spires on all of our buildings so that we would be inspired to look up.  I ask you to do the same today:  look up, look to each other, become friends and friendly, make a difference here and in Rome,” Heida told students and parents who gathered for the welcome ceremony Wednesday.  “You have had inspiring histories to date—we look for more to come.”