Berry College Dairy Produces Cream of the Crop

Release Date: April 04, 2017

Berry College sophomore Elli Hayes has been accepted to the Jersey Youth Academy.

The national program is sponsored by the American Jersey Cattle Association. Selection was based on merit, motivation and preparation for the program as reflected in the written application and goal statement.

The most recent class accepted 30 members from 20 states. Hayes is an animal science major and works as a shift leader trainee at the campus dairy as well as a genetics manager for the genetics enterprise.

In more dairy news, Berry's Rollins Dairy has won second place at the UGA extension of the Cream of Crop Milk Quality Awards.

The dairy ranked second in milk quality for the state of Georgia and brought in the prestigious “Cream of the Crop” award. The Dairy Herd Information Association awards milk producers who produce high quality milk as indicated by a low somatic cell score.

“This award is a direct reflection of the dairy's student work program, which consists of in depth training, leadership, and commitment 365 days a year. The dairy employees take great pride in the care of our herd and this is reflected in the quality of milk our cows produce. I'm so proud of the team of students I have the pleasure to work with on a daily basis,” said Dairy Supervisor Iris Barham.  

The award encourages all producers to provide a comfortable and clean environment, use good milking procedures, and maintain milking equipment. These standards support overall herd health.


Written by Public Relations students Victoria Mashburn and Logan Ramsey