Mount Berry Church

About Us

Our worship services are held at 7p.m. on Sunday nights in the College Chapel on Berry's main campus, pastored by the Chaplain with administrative assistance from the Director of Student Ministries.  MBC is a campus congregation that seeks to unite believers of the Berry community.  Worship opportunities, service, and ministries are created and actualized by our skilled team of student leaders.

MBC Staff

Matthew Robinson: Matthew is a Senior Religion Major from Atlanta, GA. He is serving as the Co Mount Berry Church Coordinator for MBC.  He collaborates with Katie Johnson to serve and lead the Mount Berry Church community.  He serves as a Christian leader to the team and the campus through example and creative opportunities so that all students can experience God through prayer and service.  Matthew has served as a member of the Mount Berry Church prayer team and Mount Berry Church Assistant Coordinator before assuming his new position.

Sarah Bryan: Sarah Bryan is a junior from Ellijay, GA. After spending a year as the worship coordinator, Sarah has moved into full time leadership for Mount Berry Church. She is currently majoring in Religion and loves studying different forms of worship within the Christian church. Sarah also loves collecting records and reading. 


At Mount Berry Church, we experience the love of God through active, believing trust (faith) in the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. By engaging God in Worship, Scripture and Sacrament, we are reminded afresh of God's grace, love and power, and are renewed by the Holy Spirit in true faith, hope and love. We also experience the love of God through sharing the grace, compassion, and kindness of Christ with one another. To that end, and to grow as followers of Jesus, we meet in small group Bible studies throughout the week. Our worship tends to reflect the contemporary, informal worship style of the college generation, but also incorporates music and traditions that have glorified God and edified people throughout the centuries. We are a diverse fellowship, finding wisdom and value in many different Christian denominations. Above all, we strive to be authentic and earnest in our worship and fellowship. Listen to Sermons Online.


As a college congregation, Mount Berry Church emphasizes thoughtful reflection on the Christian faith. We encourage spiritual seeking while also aiming to be a supportive grace-centered community for everyone involved. As a Christian congregation, we desire to engage and encounter God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, with our worship and sermons aimed at knowing, loving and reflecting Jesus Christ (our Lord, Savior and Treasure) more deeply and authentically.  Read our Articles of Faith.


Mount Berry Church strives to bear witness to the gracious, transforming reign of Jesus Christ (what the New Testament calls "the kingdom of God"). By the power of the Spirit alone, we attempt to serve Jesus by serving others. MBC wants to be a blessing to the entire Berry community - to students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff. Take a look at some of our campus ministries.

If students wish to be involved in outreach, service and spiritual growth opportunities, come to Mount Berry Church on Sunday evenings and connect with our student and staff leaders.

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