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AgriEducation is a student operated enterprise that provides education, via interactive tours, to elementary schools in North Georgia community, about different aspects of agriculture and wildlife. Our tours are designed to engage and educate students in the K-3 grade levels through interactive tours. They are also specially written to meet the Georgia Curriculum Standards. AgriEducation offers several tours including the Our Little Woodland Friends Tour (Wildlife in My BackYard), which presents unique insights, facts, and hands on learning about the wildlife we share our world with. We are currently developing a farm tour where students learn about chickens, bees, and where fruit and veggies come from. It will be available in the Spring of 2017. Our all so popular Dairy Tour, in which students learn all about cows from how they are born to how they are milked, will also be up and running int he Spring of 2017 as well. 

Tour Options

Wildlife in My Backyard- explore wildlife that can commonly be found in your backyard (Grades Pre-k through 3, minimum group size of 20)      

Agriculture Education has two tours, a Wildlife tour and a Dairy tour.  Both tours are very hands on where the kids get a opportunity to watch the milking process, feed the cows and pet the calves at the dairy.  Or get the opportunity to find antlers and animal tracks, pet animal skins and become a wildlife ranger.