Rage in the Cage

What is Viking Venture?

Viking Venture is a continuation of the orientation activities at SOAR taking place prior to the beginning of fall semester (August 16-20, 2017).   

  • All new freshmen and transfers taking BCC 100 are required to participate
  • Provides resources to assist with the transition to Berry College
  • Connect with new peers, faculty, and staff
  • First-year and transfer seminar course (BCC100) begins August 21 and is coordinated by the Office of First Year Experience
  • Each BCC class is coordinated by a faculty or staff member along with a first-year mentor, an upperclass student who will assist their class members as they transition into college and the Berry community
  • International students are invited to attend a special SOAR program that will begin the Monday before classes begin (August 14, 2017).

The Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs is responsible for planning, evaluating, and administering new student orientation programs at Berry College with the help of the Head SOAR Leader. Contact:  Lindsey Taylor, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs (706-236-2207) or email  soar@berry.edu