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The Berry College Chapel
Built in 1915, the Berry College Chapel serves as a magnificent setting for worship services, dramatic and musical programs, and lectures. The chapel was modeled after Christ Church in Alexandria, Va., which was thought to be patterned after St. Paul’s Cathedral, the London church designed by the noted 18th-century architect, Sir Christopher Wren. Martha Berry was buried on the lawn just south of the chapel on Sunday, March 1, 1942. An eternal flame burns at her gravesite. Since she particularly loved dogwoods, a dogwood tree was planted at the head of the grave.
Fun Fact
During a 1948 renovation of the 105-foot chapel, when steel supports were installed to replace the wooden timbers and other deteriorating woodwork, workers discovered that bees had stored honey in one of the columns. Forty-seven gallons were salvaged and used in the dining halls.
A closer look
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