Business at Berry!

RUN a student enterprise, START a business, CONDUCT research with a professor, PUBLISH an undergraduate research journal, STUDY abroad for a semester or a year, MANAGE an investment portfolio, INTERN with an organization, LEAD a business club, or PRESENT your research at a national conference.

These are FIRSTHAND opportunities available to you at Berry’s Campbell School of Business. As a business major at a liberal arts college, you have the unique opportunity to combine your interest in business with a solid foundation in the sciences, humanities, social sciences and fine arts. Why is this important? Today, more than ever, employers are looking to hire employees who don’t just know business principles and processes but employees who can THINK on their feet, ANALYZE a situation or problem from several angles in order to develop solutions, and COMMUNICATE this information to a variety of audiences. 

As a business major at Berry, you can PREPARE for the career you want. STUDY accounting, finance, economics, marketing, and management. ENGAGE in the many FIRSTHAND experiences available. SET yourself apart. BUILD your dream. Let BERRY guide you.