MBA Core Course Descriptions

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All MBA students must complete the following core courses in addition to the courses offered as part of the Professional Management Track or the Healthcare Management Track:

ACC 611 – Accounting for Decision Making, 3-0-3

This course familiarizes students with the use of accounting information for business decision-making. Topics covered include cost behavior, profitability analysis, short-term decision-making, budgeting and performance measurement.  PR:  ACC520 or equivalent

BUS 657 – Strategic Use of Information Technology, 3-0-3

Studies emerging information technologies and their impact on firm strategy, organizational structure, operations and decision-making. Emphasizes electronic commerce and its role in developing competitive advantage through extensive use of case studies.

BUS 685 – Strategies of World-Class Organizations, 3-0-3

Reviews the strategic operations of several global organizations during the last five years, and assesses their performance. Integrates the use of financial markets, managerial leadership, communications and computer skills to make decisions designed to achieve world-class performance. Uses teams and case simulations. PR:  ACC611, MGT664 or MGT665, MKT621; CR:  FIN601

FIN 601 – Corporate Finance, 3-0-3

Analyzes the major financial-policy decisions of the corporation. Emphasizes the domestic and global impact of the investment, financing and dividend decisions of the firm on its value and stock price. Significant team case analysis required.

MGT 655 – Leadership and Change Management, 3-0-3

Encourages competitive advantage through leadership or organizational change. Compares theoretical leadership processes developing effective, ethical, diversity/multicultural, global and local teams with personal development of practical leadership skills. Includes analysis of written cases as well as oral, written and virtual presentation of actual case studies.

MGT 664 – Service Management, 3-0-3 (or MGT665)

An introduction to the management of service-business operations including general operational characteristics of services, ways to gain strategic advantage, issues in designing a service-delivery system, managing their operations; and techniques in assuring service quality.  PR:  BUS 520 or equivalent

MGT 665 – Value Chain Management, 3-0-3 (or MGT664)

Management of productive resources for strategic growth and competitiveness. Focus on the design, control and improvement of systems that use raw material, human resources, equipment and facilities to create products or services.  PR:  BUS520 or equivalent

MKT 621 – Strategic Marketing, 3-0-3

Provides a broad survey of the field of marketing. Emphasizes developing and applying strategic principles to marketing planning including customer analysis, market segmentation, product development, forecasting, pricing, distribution, promotion and marketing strategy. Utilizes the case-analysis method.

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