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Are you inventive, authentic and want to create? Here, you’ll receive conceptual and technical instruction from faculty and mentors who are immersed in the visual arts. The stunning natural beauty of our 27,000 acres and multiple ecosystems surround you with inspiration. You’ll have 24-hour access to your own studio space and two on-campus museums provide opportunities to gain professional experience in the art world. The Berry community is a built-in support system as you hone your techniques, find your voice and create your masterpiece.

Concentrations: studio art, art history and art education

professor kneeling by student making a clay vase
Hands On

You’ll get the chance to work in our museums, collaborate with visiting artists and lecturers or assist in the ceramics shop learning how to curate, manage and maintain art spaces.


Dr. Virginia Troy
Professor of Art History
Dr. Virginia Gardner Troy

A scholar of twentieth century art and design, in particular how modern artists perceived, collected and appropriated ancient and non-Western textile patterns and technology for modern use, Dr. Troy teaches a variety of art history courses, coordinates art internships and is the art education point person. She has authored two books, The Modernist Textile: Europe and America 1890-1940, and Anni Albers and Ancient American Textiles: From Bauhaus to Black Mountain.

professor speaking to two students sketching
Creativity, 24/7

Earn a paycheck while building your art résumé at our on-campus Moon Gallery and Oak Hill Museum. Access our 2D, ceramics and personal studios at 2:30am—or any other hour of the day or night.

Art Courses

ART 102
Two-Dimensional Design

Study two-dimensional design by solving and executing problems using a variety of traditional and digital-imaging media, study and application of color theory.

ART 284
Hand Building Clay

Learn ceramic hand-building techniques, earthenware glazing and surface decoration methods, and basic clay and glaze formulation. Emphasis on creativity, imagination and technical proficiency.

ART 413
Women and Art

Examine the impact of women artists and depictions of women throughout history with particular emphasis on historical context, artists’ writings and current scholarship.


Class of 2013
Rebecca Buglio

Rebecca Buglio ’13 was an art major with concentrations in art education and ceramics. Inspired by Berry’s 27,000-acre campus, her artistic style is based on the cycles of nature, of growth and decay, striving to capture in ceramic memory what is ever changing. Working now as the Program and Studio Manager at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, Tenn., she continues to observe natural processes and express them through clay, while inspiring others in their artistic journeys.

Rebecca Buglio

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